The Rest


We spent very little time in Madrid and there is a simple reason for that, it’s bloody boiling in the Summer and nowhere has A/C. Still we had to go and see Cousin Matt so we braved the heat….

HOT! (and I don't mean me)
HOT! (and I don’t mean me)

We spent most of our few days here going out and enjoying Madrid by night, luckily we had a willing baby sitter and of course Madrid’s night life is seriously full on. Still, most of what we did wasn’t suitable for a family friendly travel blog. So I’ll stick to what we did do with the kids which wasn’t much to be honest.

There was a trip to the cinema in the Gran Via looking for A/C, the cinemas here are BIG and OLD and shouldn’t be missed. We also went along to Natural History Museum which had an exhibition on poo, which went down a storm with the boys.

DSCF2650 DSCF2643

We went for a hangover nursing afternoon in Malasana where I managed to find a bar I used to frequent 20 years ago. It had a good selection of games so it was backgammon and cocktails in a classic and elegant Madrid bar.


If you do go to Madrid with the family, take my advice don’t go mid-Summer.

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